Tunas Muda Indonesia Scholarship, Targeting coconut farmers’ children in banyuasin

Muara Sungsang Village Office

In accordance with the term tunas muda, BTMI was initiated as a form of human resource investment that has noble ideals that is to create a generation that is faithful, intelligent and has a spirit of devotion.

BTMI manages funds from several parties under the auspices of the Indonesian Young Statesman Foundation which conducts coaching, and mentoring high school / vocational school / MA grade 3 students in Banyuasin coconut farmers children, especially currently in the village muara Sungsang.

BTMI recipients will later get the rights in the form of:

  1. Get supporting funds for activity programs amounting to Rp 250,000/Month for 1 year
  2. Get Support payment Zenius Application
  3. Mentoring program once a month both face-to-face and online
  4. Get access to information from the outside world both education and the world related to the passion of recipients
  5. Get support / facilities following the selection of scholarships at destination universities (PTN, PTS and Kedinasan)
  6. Get assistance while on campus and post-campus
BTMI selection participants are receiving a briefing from the selection committee

In addition, the recipient also has the following obligations:

  1. Destioning good character reflected with personality character.
  2. Not involved in activities that are contrary to values or norms such as drunkenness, drugs, gambling or other prohibited things.
  3. To follow all programs organized by Tunas Muda Scholarship program.
  4. prepared to accept the consequences of termination if:
  • a. Does not uphold the morality that has been agreed in the program.
  • b. Indiscipline and defamation programs.
  • c. Not complying with the provisions / not following the coaching.

The recipients are also required to undergo individual and group programs, such as the assignment of authorship or the establishment of a village reading room.

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