Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is sugar produced from drying coconut tree nira.



Coconut sugar is sugar produced from drying coconut tree nira. Nira is a sweet liquid containing sugar at a concentration of 7.5% to 20.0% contained in the flowers of coconut trees, palms, or lontar whose shoots have not opened. Nira obtained by wiretapping. health of coconut sugar can be seen from the glycemic index. Berglymic coconut sugar is 35, in contrast to the glycemic index of palm sugar is 70. and this is very healthy for all diabetics or not. and has premium health benefits compared to other sugars.

  • Low Glycemic Index – A ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect the blood glucose levels. Food with GI value of less than 55 is good because it is digested, absorbed and metabolised slowly causing slower rise in blood glucose and therefore insulin levels. Coconut Sugar has a GI of 35 to 37.
  • High in Nutrients. Natural Coconut Sugar is NOT made from coconuts. It is made from the nectar of the coconut tree blossoms. Our coconut trees are grown organically with no pesticides.
  • The process of nectar collection requires highly skilled and trained farm workers. Sustainable methods are used to preserve the farming eco-system. Suitable for Children, Vegan. Ideal for children because of the low GI value which doesn’t give the “sugar high” on consumption of sugar. 100% Natural.
  • No Preservatives, Unrefined & Unbleached. Coconut sugar has a natural caramel flavor. Unique flavor with a sweet fruity smell


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