Sustainability for Community Development

Message from CEO

I was born and raised as a coconut farmer with all the limitations and I realized that the dream of getting a better education in order to improve living standards is a must and a challenge at the same time.

had experienced living in isolated areas, without electricity and far from the city center. All of these made things more challenging. It is also a struggle to get proper education due to the long distance that one needs to travel to get to an educational center by foot.

Starting with coconut farmer’s children in Banyuasin, South Sumatra, we have a big dream to provide access to education for them in Indonesia to be educated and live as we do today. It is not an easy job, but with enthusiasm and good intentions, we are confident that this dream can come true.

KULAKU realizes that coconut farmers play a big role in our lives. For this reason, KULAKU is fully committed to giving reciprocity to them. Hopefully you also have the same passion for the welfare of Indonesian coconut farmers by providing proper education for their children.

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