Who Is?

KULAKU Indonesia is committed to always make innovation to produce high quality products by working with experts from various universities in Indonesia.

Our concerns:

  • Create a high standard work environment that is proven by involving the best people and strict rules to ensure our company creates high-quality products.
  • Engage in endless market-driven innovation to ensure our company leads the market.
  • Our motto is “Help others, and the universe will help you!”. Develop the communities in which area we operate is our concern as feedback, and we ensure our team has the same value to grow with the communities.

Our Value:

Customer Satisfaction is Our Priority

“The value of a farmer is not determined by what they harvests, but from what they sows. because the ultimate goal of farming is not growing crops, but preserving life.”


Meet our team

Mustopa Patapa
Aqilah Zainab
Ridho Hanafi
Rezaldy Bastharian
Ridho Pahlevi
Alfius Dakhi

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